Feminist pedagogy and the composing process: Bringing women to the writing table




Johnson, Carol Wilson

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"Bringing Women to the Writing Table" is a course based on a compilation of research performed by other feminist scholars about how women learn to write and how women's learning experiences differ from those of men. This course is an effort to help women understand their relationship to language and how that relationship influences their self-perception and their relationship to society. This course, based on feminist principles of enlightenment and empowerment, helps women explore their own historic marginalization and empowers them to break free from silence and to speak in their own voices. This study also examines how systems of authority, like the educational system, privileges men. Feminists challenge these traditional systems of power and their inherent subordination of women. "Bringing Women to the Writing Table" answers the feminist challenge by taking into account women's values and their distinctive socialization processes as it endeavors to teach women critical writing skills.



American literature, Language arts, Feminism and education, Feminist theory, Composition, Written communication