Focused Paintings: Impossible Situations




Day, Randall

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My Focused series of process paintings investigate dichotomy by emphasizing the process which these paintings are given life. These paintings are inspired by author Baudrillard's "successive phases of the image" theory which examines an image’s relationship with, or rejection of reality. While inherently abstract, my work also employs visual cues like depth, repetition, and constructed chaos to inform the viewer and challenge their perception of the encounter. I call these paintings “impossible situations” because the abstract composition would, in theory, continue forever if not for being confined by the canvas. I imagine my Focused paintings as snapshots, or slices of an impossible reality. It is my goal that any of my paintings hold a viewer’s gaze for a long period of time, and in this way, make them reconcile an impossible situation made into physical expression. They are perceiving work in the real world but suspended in an abstract reality.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium