Imitating episodic time through kinetic sculpture




del Rio, Sophia

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My compositions on paper use an established lexicon: wild animal, seed, and desert landscape to present a narrative. While I strive to suggest elements of time and narrative, my 2D art is static. In my new, sculptural work, I explore episodic time, how humans track the order of events. Dr Edvard Moser’s research theorizes humans record and process episodic time in multiple areas of the brain, creating a sense of time being both linear and circular. To explore episodic time, I place my symbols on the surface of glass and ceramic kinetic sculptures making them permanent. Honey is used as a preservative and medium inside the bodies of the kinetic sculptures. The honey suspends the internal objects; as the sculptures move, the changing positions cannot be repeated, therefore, disrupting the static permanence of the sculpture. Thus, my work explores the ways in which episodic time can be imitated.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium