Senior Serenity: Developing an Activity Program for Senior Citizens to Enhance Quality of Life




Speck, Alayna

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The focus of the capstone project was understanding how social participation impacts the quality of life of seniors at a rural senior center in Bonham, Texas. The center, which had been experiencing challenges such as reduced attendance post-COVID, lack of volunteers, and limited activities, sought to enhance its programming. Through a mixed-methods approach, including surveys, interviews, and community outreach efforts, the project implemented new activities and revitalized the center's social media presence. This resulted in increased engagement, with over 800 people reached through the new social media page, volunteer recruitment, and high attendance rates for weekly activities. The project highlighted the importance of social engagement for seniors' well-being and emphasized the need for meaningful activities and innovative outreach strategies to support their quality of life.



Seniors, Senior citizens, Quality of life, Activities, Program development, Health, Wellness, Engagement, Participation, Adult population