The civil rights movement in Toni Morrison's "Song of Solomon"

Simpson, Melissa High
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Although Toni Morrison situates all of her novels in a specific place and time, historical context is especially relevant in Song of Solomon (1977). However, scholars typically examine Milkman's quest for his family history without addressing the Civil Rights era in which the main part of the narrative occurs. Commentary is needed on how the struggle for liberation of the black race as a whole during the Civil Rights Movement parallels the individual liberation that Milkman and other characters seek in the novel. This project examines specific dates, events, and people Morrison alludes to in the novel and her attitude toward these dates, events, and people. This project also examines Milkman's relationship with Guitar, Guitar's involvement in the Seven Days, and Milkman's journeys to Danville and Shalimar. Through all of these aspects of the novel, Morrison explores positive and negative options available to blacks in their continuing struggle for equality.

Social sciences, Language, literature, and linguistics