Identidad en Maternidad: An Exploration of Identity in Motherhood through Screendance

Gamborino, Rebeca
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This screendance, filmed in the choreographer's home with her son, interrogates conflicting identities and emotions that emerge from the labor of motherhood. Identidad en Maternidad presents the choreographer's/dancer's holistic and embodied journey of instability and anxiety as she rediscovers and mourns the loss of her identity, image of self and body through pedestrian movements and gestures against blurred thrashing and repetitive grabbing motions. The choreographer recognizes personal celebrations of mothering through the lens of her Mexican/Latinx identity as she weaves a traditional Mexican lullaby sung in their family for generations into her exploration. The work reveals complexities of motherhood through two contrasting visual worlds: an everyday reality and a mother's inner dialog depicted within a black void. It is inspired by filming techniques used to create kinesthetic empathy in Botis Seva's screendance, 'CAN'T KILL US ALL.'

Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium