Integration and Inclusion of Black Art Song Composers in the Voice Studio




Crawford, Tibrisha
Estwick, Brandi

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The endeavor toward increased inclusion of Black art songs into the voice studio is important and valuable. Its impact extends beyond the student and the teacher; the inclusion and integration of Black art song creates a culturally aware voice program. Despite possessing the motivation to incorporate Black art songs, many teachers and students struggle to present repertoire on themes of the Black experience that extend beyond those found in spiritual arrangements. For many Black students, the seeming dearth of repertoire that speaks about Blackness beyond slavery leads them to feel out of place in the world of Classical music. There exists a plethora of Black art song written about the diverse experiences of Black people in America, but these songs are rarely performed. This project aims to equip teachers and students with resources to guide them in their programming decisions as they strive to promote diversity in the voice studio. (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Brandi Estwick)