Healthcare foodservice workers' perceptions of supervisors' role modeling and enforcement behaviors as related to food safety




Taylor, Tynisha Kneda

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Study purpose was to investigate healthcare foodservice employee perceptions of: 1) supervisors' role modeling and enforcement of safe food handling behaviors and 2) supervisors' positive and negative feedback regarding employee work performance. Survey was developed by the researchers, validated and pilot tested. Participants included 122 workers and 21 supervisors at 5 healthcare facilities in north Texas. Overall workers and supervisors indicated similar positive perceptions of supervisor role modeling, enforcement and feedback behaviors. Spearman rho correlation analyses indicated that workers with more foodservice experience were less likely to perceive that supervisors monitored, enforced, and provided disciplinary action regarding safe food handling rules. They were also less likely to feel that if they did well, supervisors would reward them. Continued research in this area is needed to further identify the variables that most affect worker compliance with safe food handling procedures.



Health and environmental sciences, Nutrition, Safe food handling