Synthesis and characterization of various ruthenium small molecules and metallopolymers for potential use in photovoltaic devices and luminescence properties of N-heterocyclic carbenes and trifluoro methylated tris(pyrazolyl)borate silver (I) acid-base adducts




Chitikuri, Shylaja

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This thesis with its 66 pages, 1 table, 29 figures and 47 references, deals with two major topics involving structure and properties of selected metal complexes and their use in electronic devices. The first chapter discusses the development of ruthenium-based metallopolymer and small molecular complexes toward possible utilization as active materials for solar cells. Such complexes have been found to be good "black absorbers" with solid-state absorption that spans the entire visible region into the near-infrared, representing an impressive overlap with the solar radiation that is more favorable than common molecular solar cell active materials. The second chapter includes photophysical studies of different metallo N-heterocyclic carbenes and acid-base adducts comprising fluorinated tris(pyrazolyl)borate silver(I) complexes coordinated to different solvent and aromatic molecules. These species have been investigated and found to exhibit unusual photophysical properties, including metal-free phosphorescence at room temperature with high quantum yield, multi-color emission from a single compound, and selective sensing of temperature and hazardous vapors.



Complexes, Pure sciences, Metal, Applied sciences