The Second Seminole War as a Civil War training ground




Zander, Cecily Nelson

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Emerging Civil War


In the popular narrative of the coming of the Civil War, the U.S.-Mexico War is often identified as the military crucible through which many of the war’s most famous battlefield leaders first passed—gaining lessons in leadership and combat operations under the watchful eyes of commanding officers Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott. In the course of working on my dissertation, however, I’ve come to wonder whether it wouldn’t behoove more Civil War historians to cast their eyes back to the Second Seminole War to understand how men such as William Tecumseh Sherman, George Henry Thomas, Joseph E. Johnston, and Robert Anderson learned to be soldiers and wage long, multi-faceted wars.



Braxton Bragg, C. S. Monaco, Cecily Nelson Zander, Cecily Zander, Col. Duncan L. Clinch, Everglades, Florida, George G. Meade, George H. Thomas, John K. Mahon, John Sherman, Joseph E. Johnston, Joseph Hooker, Jubal Early, Mexican-American War, Robert Anderson, Rock of Chickamauga, Second Seminole War, Seminole Nation, U.S.-Mexico War, Vera Cruz, William T. Sherman, Winfield Scott, Zachary Taylor


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