HIV/AIDS knowldege, beliefs, and attitudes in deaf and hard-of-hearing adolescents




Flowers, Deborah

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This study sought to determine the validity and reliability of the adapted form of the AIDS Knowledge and Beliefs Survey when used to measure the knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes of deaf and hard-of-hearing adolescents. A descriptive research design was used to gather data for this study. The study sample had an average of 71.44% of correct answers on the knowledge scale, which indicated they needed educational information about HIV and AIDS presented to them. An average of 48.33% of positive responses on the beliefs scale indicated that the sample did not have a positive attitude about AIDS or persons with AIDS. The content validity of the adapted AIDS Knowledge and Beliefs Scale was estimated using a content validity index (CVI), which revealed an acceptable level of validity at 98.7. The reliability of the instrument was estimated using Cronbach's alpha. The alpha for the knowledge scale was.743, alpha for the belief scale was.749, and alpha for the instrument in its entirety was.809. Reliability was further analyzed using bootstrapping methodology. The sample mean of each of the subsamples showed no variability, thus indicating a high reliability for the instrument.



Communication, Audiology, Public health, Developmental psychology, Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV, Acquired immune deficiency syndrome--AIDS, Attitudes, Hearing impairment, Teenagers