A meta-analysis of the effects of social support on adaptation in Roy's Four Modes




Ayers, Constance Jean

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The purpose of the study was to determine the health outcomes of social support as reported in the published and dissertation nursing research for the years 1984-1989. Meta-analytic methods were utilized in order to determine the effects of social support in the nursing studies. Twenty-one subject-studies comprised the sample for the study. Health outcomes were categorized into the four adaptive modes identified by Roy.

The investigator developed coding instruments were used to measure the independent and dependent variables. Data obtained from the instruments were analyzed using oneway analysis of variance to determine the difference in social support effect sizes that were attributable to Roy's four modes of adaptation.

No significant difference was found in the social support correlated effect sizes for the adaptive modes. The results of the study suggest that further investigation of the effects of social support on health outcomes is indicated.



Social support, Nursing studies, Meta-analysis, Roy's four modes