Potential anti-oxidant benefits of rosemary extract on fry life response of cottonseed oil




Hoang, Tiffany Thu

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the frying life response of cottonseed oil with synthetic and natural antioxidants during frying of potato chips. Control cottonseed oil, cottonseed oil with synthetic antioxidant (TBHQ), and cottonseed oil with natural antioxidant (rosemary extract) was heated to a temperature of 370°F and 30 batches of potato chips were fried per day. Each experiment was conducted in triplicate. Three 60ml sample of oils were collected at frying batch at before frying at 320°F, after batch #9, #19, #24 and #29 for chemical analysis. The same amount of oil was replenished after it was collected. The collected oil samples were evaluated by using oxidative stability index, peroxide, p-anisidine, free fatty acid, polymer, tocopherols, and color values. All the levels of natural antioxidant, rosemary extract was effective in reducing the break down and the quality of the frying oil during the frying process.



Food science, Cottonseed oil, Rosemary extract, Antioxidant, Deep-fat frying, Health effects