Reddit Perception Discourse: Identity and Sexual Education




Veasey, Ashton West
Eddy, Holly E.

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Since the social hygiene movement in the early 1900’s, sexual literacy was thought to be a crucial tool for reducing moral decay and medical disease (SIECUS, 2021). Programs addressing sexual literacy (sexual education) commonly targeted youth and have always been deeply intertwined with competing social movements such as eugenics and patriarchy (SIECUS, 2021). Furthermore, politics and identity have dictated discourse on sexual education and sexual citizenship. To date, research has examined curriculum, legislation and policies, and marginalized identities as they relate to sexual education (Clonan-Roy et al., 2021; Garcia, 2020; Naser et al, 2022). The present study explores Reddit users’ experiences and perceptions of sexual education. The flexible, organic nature of Reddit and the semi-anonymous interaction between Reddit users provides a unique research opportunity. Specifically, to expand on the growing body of sexual education literature by examining Reddit users’ reported lived experiences of sexual education.