Dimensions of professional cohesiveness among registered nurses




Caggins, Ruth

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The purpose of this research was to investigate and describe the dimensions of professional cohesiveness (PC) among registered nurses. This was accomplished through an examination of the structural characteristics, types, levels, and actualization of PC. A nonexperimental, cross-sectional survey design elicited 1,622 respondents who met the criteria for inclusion in the study. Cluster sampling was used to collect data from six regions of the United States.

The Caggins Professional Cohesiveness Nursing Scale (CPCNS) was developed to measure the dimensions of PC among registered nurses. The CPCNS had an overall reliability of 0.87. First and second level factor analyses confirmed that attraction, normative integration, commitment and interdependence were valid measures of PC among registered nurses.

The findings from this investigation indicated that registered nurses were professionally cohesive and professional nursing values were predictive of cohesive behavior. Additionally, the findings supported three major dimensions of PC among registered: the structural characteristic of involvement and participation; the types of PC - attraction, normative integration, commitment, and interdependence; and a moderate level of synergy for cohesive behavior.



Registered nurse, Social studies education, Social psychology