What’s the deal with SDF? Attitudes and Perceptions




Baumann, Blair
Dickinson, Charlene
Arthurs, Christopher
Chandler, Cheyenne
Holland, Hillary
Martinez, Graciela

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This literature review was conducted to analyze the current perceptions and attitudes towards silver diamine fluoride as an alternative use and topical application for the arrest of caries. Despite SDF being a viable treatment option, it is not widely used in dentistry. An inhibiting factor is the black color stain that remains on the tooth after an application. This study is relevant to isolate the gaps in knowledge of dental professionals and negative perceptions and attitudes so that an intervention can be applied to increase use of SDF within dentistry. This literature review critically examined surveys, studies, and systematic reviews in the databases. Within this search, it was determined that SDF proves to be effective but there is a significant lack of knowledge and experience. This deficit among dental professionals, including experience, familiarity, and collaboration with SDF, necessitates an opportunity for an educational intervention measured with a pre/post-test survey.


Creative Arts and Research Symposium
Creative Arts and Research Symposium