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  • Experience of nurse practitioners transitioning into independent practice: a qualitative study 

    Twine, Nicole; Cesario, Sandra (Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 2019-08-23)
    Objective: The purpose of this phenomenological study was to explore and describe the role transition of new Nurse Practitioners (NPs) following participation in an internship program with simulated learning to better ...
  • Accreditation of transition to practice programs: Assessing the value and impact 

    Church, Cory D.; Cosme, Sheri; O'Brien, Morgan (Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, 2019)
    Accreditation of transition to practice (TTP) programs are rapidly increasing. A review was completed on 13 TTP programs, accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center Practice Transition Accreditation Program. ...
  • Concurrent medical conditions in autism spectrum disorders 

    Celia, Tania; Freysteinson, Wyona; Frye, Richard E. (Pediatric Nursing, 2016)
    Long thought to be purely psychological in origin, current research lends credence to the idea that autism has a medical basis. Patients with autism can be among the most challenging patients that a healthcare provider ...
  • The language of scholarship accent modification program 

    Freysteinson, Wyona M.; Adams, Joshua; Cesario, Sandra; Belay, Hanna A.; Clutter, Paula; Du, Jinlan; Duson, Betty M.; Goff, Marilyn; McWilliams, Lenora; Nurse, Rachelle; Allam, Zoheb (Journal of Professional Nursing, 2017)
    Communication remains a key element in promoting patient safety and satisfaction. Healthcare organizations have focused on improving communication through technology and patient-centered care. One communication challenge ...
  • The Effectiveness of an Educational Intervention in Breast Cancer in a Vietnamese American Women Group 

    Ho, Tuong-Vi (Sigma Theta Tau International, 2019)
    The purpose of this educational activity was to evaluate the effectiveness of a culturally appropriate and culturally sensitive educational intervention on breast cancer, the intention to use of some of the early breast ...
  • Mirror Therapy: Can be this technique used on facial disfigurement? 

    Mendes, Jose Carlos da Silva; Freysteinson, Wyona M.; Gamboa, Raquel de Melo; Pereira, Vera (Revista E-Psi, 2017)
    Aim: In this literature review we aim to understand the importance of the mirror in the daily life of the individual and understand if the mirror can be used as a strategy, assessment and/or intervention in individuals ...
  • A mirror intervention for the postmastectomy mirror experience 

    Freysteinson, Wyona (International Journal of Women’s Health and Reproduction Sciences, 2015-10)
    Through my research, I have come to understand that women who have undergone a significant body change due to trauma, surgery, or disease find viewing their bodies in a mirror is an emotionally charged, distressing experience. ...
  • Nursing Students' Experience of Sexual Harassment During Clinical Practicum: A Phenomenological Approach 

    Scott Tilley , Donna; Kim, Mijong; Kim, Taeim; Kupsta, Ann; Allen, Denise; Cho, Ho Soon Michelle (Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing, 2018-12-20)
    PURPOSE: To describe nursing students' experience of sexual harassment during clinical practicum. METHODS: An interpretive phenomenological qualitative approach was used to understand contextual experiences of ...
  • Interpreting nursing metatheory through Complexity Integration Nursing Theory: A scoping review 

    Van Sell, Sharon (Graphy Publications, 2017)
    Aim: The aim of the scoping review for the interpreting nursing metatheory study was to determine the presence or absence of metatheory in the nursing literature, to interpret nursing metatheory, and to determine if the ...
  • Positivism: A Concept Analysis 

    Pawlikowski, Paulina; Rico, Nina; Van Sell, Sharon (2018-06)
    The concept of positivism is a phenomenon not necessarily utilized in nursing. The idea was promoted first by Auguste Comte but implanted in nursing by many philosophers. In advanced practice nursing, positivism can lead ...
  • Lived-knowledge: A Concept Analysis 

    Mwangi, Caroline; Allen, Deidra; Van Sell, Sharon (International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices, 2018-06)
    An individual’s thought processes and decision making are guided by the information learned from the time of birth until death. The various experiences and education received throughout a lifetime along with genetic ...
  • Holism: A Concept Analysis 

    McMillan, Eileen; Stanga, Natalina; Van Sell, Sharon (International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices, 2018-06)
    The concept of holism is not new to the world of healthcare in other countries, but in the practice of traditional Western medicine, holism is still emerging. Holism is including the whole being, mind, body, and soul, ...
  • A Concept Analysis of Balance 

    Byrne, Sarah; Grizzard, Laurie; Van Sell, Sharon (International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices, 2018-06)
    Often used in all medical disciplines, balance has remained undefined as a concept in nursing science. Walker and Avant [1] developed a framework for concept analysis, used in analyzing the concept of balance in advanced ...
  • Trustworthiness, Readability, and Suitability of Web-Based Information for Stroke Prevention and Self-Management for Korean Americans: Critical Evaluation 

    Lee, Mikyoung A.; Shin, Cha-Nam; An, Kyungeh (Interactive Journal of Medical Research, 2018-07)
    BACKGROUND: Websites are common sources of health information to stroke survivors and caregivers for continual management of stroke and its long-term sequelae. The presence of risk factors and mortality rates related to ...
  • Nursing Students Choose Their Own Role in a Flipped Classroom Approach 

    Boruff, Rebecca (Journal of Nursing Education, 2018-07)
    **This article was published with the assistance of the Texas Woman's University Libraries Open Access Fund.
  • Universe: A Concept Analysis 

    Alvarado, Alma; Watson, Jennifer; Van Sell, Sharon (International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices, 2017-04)
    The concept of universe is a broad concept with limited analysis within nursing research and practice. The universe consists of everything that exists. The universe is all physical matter, including all the stars, planets, ...
  • Maternal-Newborn Bonding Concept Analysis 

    Barker, Jayne; Daniels, Adrienne; Van Sell, Sharon (International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices, 2017-04)
    Maternal-newborn bonding is the complex process of attachment between a mother and newborn. The authors used the Walker and Avant methodology to conduct a concept analysis regarding maternalnewborn bonding as it relates ...
  • Differentiate: A Concept Analysis 

    Bonneau, Katie; Neurohr, Courtney; Van Sell, Sharon (International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices, 2018-06)
    The authors developed the concept differentiate as applied to the advanced practice nurse (APN) due to the lack of a current theory regarding the subject in the existing nursing literature. For instance, the APN uses ...
  • Interdependence: A Concept Analysis 

    Huth, Chelsea; Kelly, Beth; Van Sell, Sharon (International Journal of Nursing & Clinical Practices, 2017-04)
    Interdependence has been defined as more than one entity working together to accomplish a common objective. The purpose of this concept analysis featuring interdependence was to dissect the meaning of the word and apply ...

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