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    • 2019 Conference Program and Schedule 

      CTLC Conference Planning Committee (2019)
      2019 CTLC Conference Program
    • 2020 Conference Program and Schedule 

      CTLC Conference Planning Committee (2020)
      2020 CTLC Conference Program
    • Accessing and Preserving Texas Information in TRAIL 

      Sare, Laura; Rohrig, Tom (2020-08)
      There is an open resource that all library types in Texas can access. TRAIL – the Technical Report Archive & Image Library - contains over 300 items about Texas. These range from biological surveys to water, to mineral ...
    • Active Learning Classroom Design to Support Innovative Information Literacy Instruction 

      Burns, David; Filgo, Ellen; James, Amy; Towers, Sha (2019)
      The Baylor Libraries have converted underutilized office/ storage space into much needed library instructional space. In light of the growing body of evidence that indicates active learning techniques have a positive ...
    • Adding Some Bam! Pow! Boom! To Your Outreach with Comics 

      Martin, John Edward; Griffith, Bobby; Condrey, Coby (2019)
      This roundtable discussion will cover aspects of outreach with comics and graphic novels collections in an academic setting. Comics are lurking throughout libraries—in dedicated comic collections but also in government ...
    • The Art of the Hustle: Making the Most of Your Paraprofessional Role 

      Cox, Kayleen; Pierce Farrier, Katie (2019)
      Becoming a professional librarian requires tenacity, a desire to serve the community and a diverse professional tool belt. Many promising job listings prefer applicants to have several years of experience, but this can be ...
    • Assessing an Academic Library Mentoring Program 

      Harker, Karen; Keshmiripour, Setareh; McIntosh, Marcia; O'Toole, Erin; Sassen, Catherine (2019)
      A continuous cycle of assessment contributes to the success of a mentoring program, as illustrated in this case study from a large academic library. The Mentoring Competencies Assessment, the Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale, ...
    • Audience Warm-Up: Engage Your Audience Before You Present 

      Dominguez Baeza, Victor (2020)
      Whether a public, private, or academic librarian, some form of presenting has increasingly become part of the job. Your presentations are often around an hour long, and when planning it seems like an hour is just not ...
    • Automating the Authority Control Process 

      Wolf, Stacey (2019)
      Authority control is an important part of cataloging and there are a variety of methods for providing it, ranging from time-consuming manual processes to the time-saving automated. However, automated processes often seem ...
    • Batteries not included? Enhancing customer service 

      Christenson, Troy (2018-08-10)
      Every person is special but many times we simply answer the question or take action to solve the problem. Frequently there is more we can do with the people we touch that makes them want to come back to you or your ...
    • Becoming a One Service Desk 

      Ravenell, Alma (2018-08-10)
      Muntz Library had endeavored to become a one service station for a number of years. This is an idea that the Executive Director had desired for some time. When the opportunity arose, the idea began to take shape. The ...
    • Benefits of weeding your collection 

      Livingston, Preston (2018-08-10)
    • Bring the Internet Home: Wi-Fi Hotspots at Fort Worth Public Library 

      Combs, Katie; Duke, Deborah (2019)
      This is the age where the internet is a necessity and libraries can meet that need by helping communities to bring the internet home. In January of 2018, the Fort Worth Public Library began the process of providing Wi-Fi ...
    • Building a Coalition for Statewide OER Initiatives in Texas 

      DeForest, Lea; Anaya, Phillip (2019)
      The Statewide OER Coordinating Committee is comprised of staff members from a variety of academic libraries in the state including community colleges, ARLs, and the Texas Digital Library consortium. The committee is ...
    • Building an Invested Student Staff 

      Rinehart, Tracy (2019)
      How does a manager find, hire, train, supervise, and retain the best student workers? What makes it all work well? What are the ideas for keeping great students productive, happy and a part of the library team? This session ...
    • Building More Diverse Collections for Younger Readers 

      Bliss, Joanna Russell; McMichael, Jonathan (2020)
      Research has shown that children exposed to diverse books, especially those that have cross-racial groups, have better acceptance of children of other ethnicities as compared to those not exposed to diverse books. This ...
    • But I'm Boooooorrrrrred!: Decoding the Tween brain at your Library 

      Mai, Resa (2018-08-10)
      Remember being a tween? That curiosity, excitement, and often fearful awkwardness, about growing up? In this session we'll explore the middle school years with a look at tween brain development, and hear from some tweens ...
    • Changing Models of Library Practice to Benefit Rural Communities 

      Perryman, Carol L.; Jeng, Ling Hwey (2019)
      School of Library and Information Studies - Rural libraries whose librarians have expertise in digital literacy and a deep understanding of unique communities can be an important part of efforts to improve the quality ...
    • Collaborating on Scholarship 

      Brannon, Sian; Sassen, Catherine (2020-08)
      Scholarly research gives us insight into the future of libraries. A considerable amount of this research results from collaborative projects. However, collaborative research projects may crash and burn if not well planned. ...
    • Comparing Teamwork & Collaboration Competencies between a Technology in Art Education course and an Engineering Project Management Course 

      Wallace, Martin; Hulla, Ryan; Chivers, Morgan; Alexander, Amanda; Cantu, Jaime (2020)
      Martin Wallace, Morgan Chivers, and Ryan Hulla will present the results of a student teamwork and collaboration study, using an “assembling effective teams” homework assignment and a semester-long, teambased academic library ...