The TWU Community comes together at this half-day event on the Denton Campus to share best practices in the areas of classroom technologies, online technologies and Canvas.

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  • Policy Reinforcement Strategies and Activities 

    Gardner, David (2021)
    Syllabus Quizzes can be useful in affirming that students have been made aware of key points. Presenter experience indicates that students still fail to understand core policies related to accommodations or academic ...
  • Cultivating Community in Asynchronous Online Learning Environments: Reimagining the Discussion Board 

    Morris, Kristine (2021)
    The COVID-19 pandemic forced the unprecedented use of online instruction in higher education programs. The loss of face-to-face support from peers and faculty increased student anxiety and was reported as a barrier to ...
  • Synchronous Teaching to a Screen of Black Boxes and a Few Students in the Classroom 

    Dyer, Darby (2021)
    This presentation explores the experiences of teaching and learning during the academic year of 2020-21 at Denton High School in a combined Dual Credit Composition and AP English class with an implementation of synchronous ...
  • Preparing for Teaching HyFlex Courses 2.0 

    Robbins, Joy (2021)
    HyFlex courses (a course delivery model in which instructors teach both face-to-face and online students at the same time) involve multiple simultaneous tasks for instructors, including navigating classroom technology, ...
  • Teaching and Learning with Google and Canvas: Instructor Implementations 

    Mirochna, Laura; Pickens, Noralyn; Levitt, June; Morris, Abby (2021)
    We have some very creative instructors who have done impressive work merging the capabilities of Google and Canvas to make their courses more effective. This presentation will highlight using Google Sites for symposiums ...
  • Start Here: Using Canvas to Start the Semester Strong 

    Davis, Ann (2021)
    At the start of the semester, students can feel overwhelmed by all the new information they have to take in. They may not know where to find campus resources or how to navigate Canvas, and every course they are taking has ...
  • What is ACUE -- and why do I want to get on board? 

    Waltje, Jorg (2021)
    Do you want to learn how to engage underprepared students, embrace diversity in your classroom, provide useful feedback and more? Then this course is for you! Find out about foundational teaching practices that will enable ...
  • Quality Assurance in Online and Hybrid Courses: Tools and Guidelines 

    Arellano, Denise; Raman, Pushkala (2021)
    Elements that ensure a quality online course may have been overlooked in the rapid pivot to emergency online delivery. Find out how you can use TWU's new checklist for Online Course Design Best Practices, and learn the ...
  • Strategies for Transformative Teaching Workshop 

    Robbins, Joy (2021)
    Whether your courses are face-to-face, online, hybrid, or HyFlex, you can benefit from best practices in teaching and learning to engage students, create community, assess learning, and facilitate collaboration. This ...
  • The Pioneer Teaching and Learning Academy (PTLA) Wants You! 

    Dunlap, Karen; Trujillo-Jenks, Laura (2021)
    PTLA is the place to be if you want to mentor a junior faculty member and/or if you want to learn more strategic ways to improve your teaching and learning. Through mentorship, teaching observations, and practicing new ...
  • OER/OEP at TWU Toolkit 

    Levitt, June; Rasinghani, Michael; Zerangue, Amanda; Lundahl, Audrey (2021)
    Open Education Resources (OER) are educational materials—from whole textbooks to single assignments—that are open-licensed and free to share and customize. The OER movement is guided by the principle that no-cost course ...
  • Cripping the COVID Classroom: Centering Students Through Transformative Disability-Informed Instruction 

    Bones, Paul; Evans, Aubree (2021)
    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on how educators approach instruction, as this transition to online learning has fundamentally been a dis-abeling experience for many faculty. We highlight how educators can ...
  • Alternatives to Traditional Assessments 

    Ishii, Sara; Lundahl, Audrey (2021)
    Alternatives to traditional testing are a great way to engage students in your courses, help them apply course content more effectively, and assess students more formatively. This presentation introduces the benefits of ...
  • Course Design and Development using Backward Design 

    Lundahl, Audrey (2021)
    Backward Design is a process for designing and developing your course where you begin with the course objectives and design backward. This presentation introduces the benefits of Backward Design, tips for developing your ...
  • Services to Help Instructors Ensure Access to Course Materials By Every Student 

    ODowd, Terisa; Bones, Paul; Levandowski, Shannon (2021)
    Research shows that instructors who have designed their courses using universal design principles significantly improve the learning process of their content for all learners. The Office of Teaching and Learning with ...
  • New Academic integrity Policy 

    Krauth, Stephanie (2021)
    Beginning Fall 2021, TWU has an updated academic integrity policy that was a product of a 2019-2020 faculty committee and a 2020-2021 vetting process encompassing all the academic and student governance bodies. In this ...
  • Navigating OER at TWU 

    Hoermann-Elliott, Jackie; Ahmed, Shazia; Zerangue, Amanda (2021)
    Open Education Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that are licensed in a way that makes them available at low or no cost to students. In this panel, presenters will define OER and discuss the ways OERs are ...
  • Non-Meditative Mindfulness Practices for Stress Reduction and Prevention 

    Keating, AnaLouise, 1961- (2021)
    Distinguishing between meditative and non-meditative forms of mindfulness, this session offers a variety of simple mindfulness practices useful for promoting wellness and addressing the various types of stress academics ...
  • Welcome to the 2020 Teaching & Learning Symposium 

    Kapinus, Carolyn (2020)
    Welcome to the 2020 Teaching & Learning Symposium- a message from Dr. Carolyn Kapinus.
  • Best Practices for Engaging Student Learning 

    Koberna, Leslie (August 17)
    Participants will learn best practice techniques to strengthen courses and active learning techniques for online and F2F courses. Participants will take away ideas for strengthening discussion board activities, using peer ...

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