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    • 2018 CTLC Conference Program 

      Unknown author (2018)
    • 2019 Conference Program and Schedule 

      CTLC Conference Planning Committee (2019)
      2019 CTLC Conference Program
    • 2019 Student Creative Arts and Research Symposium - Program 

      Symposium information and presentation abstracts (2019)
      The Symposium Planning Committee is pleased to welcome you to the 2019 Annual Student Creative Arts & Research Symposium. Over the past years we have honored students, both artists and scholars, who have since gone on ...
    • 2020 Conference Program and Schedule 

      CTLC Conference Planning Committee (2020)
      2020 CTLC Conference Program
    • 600 mg 

      Galluzzi, Anna (2019)
      12.5 in x 17 in. Mixed media.
    • Abilities of Beauty 

      Werchan, Hannah (2021)
      My process of meticulously handcrafted realism drawings and the context of being a young disabled woman examines the ability to find empowerment in oneself through beauty. Philosopher Denis Dutton describes beauty as a ...
    • Access in Word & PDFs 

      Hammett, Amy Jo (August 19)
      Learn how to use Word and PDFs to implement Universal Design best practices in a syllabus, assignments, and other course documents.
    • Access vs. Accommodation 

      Levandowski, Shannon; Lohmann, Alicia (August 18)
      Learn the difference between access and accommodations and then discover just how easy it can be to design courses with access in mind.
    • Accessibility in Canvas 

      Keely, Randa; Boonme, Ken (August 19)
      These quick tips will help you make course materials usable and accessible to every student.
    • Accessing and Preserving Texas Information in TRAIL 

      Sare, Laura; Rohrig, Tom (2020-08)
      There is an open resource that all library types in Texas can access. TRAIL – the Technical Report Archive & Image Library - contains over 300 items about Texas. These range from biological surveys to water, to mineral ...
    • The Accidental Mentor: The Process of Learning How to Effectively Mentor Students as a Librarian/Instructor 

      Zerangue, Amanda (2021)
      "Are you a librarian mentoring students? Do you feel unprepared or surprised by the development of the mentoring relationship? While there is a rich body of scholarship describing the benefits of a teacher as a mentor for ...
    • Acculturation and the Prevalence of Diabetes in U.S. Hispanic Adults, National Health and Nutrition Survey 2011-2018 

      Lopez-Neyman, Stephanie; Miketinas, Derek C. (2021)
      The project explored the relationship between acculturation and diabetes among US Hispanic – adul ts. Data from adults (≥20y), participating in the NHANES 2011-2018 were used for analysis. Participants classified as ...
    • Achondroplasia as a Genetic Basis for Dwarves in Folklore 

      Goyco, Maria; Gumienny, Tina L. (2021)
      Dwarves are a prominent part of folklore in many world cultures. They are characterized by short stature, large heads, coarse facial features, and curved spines. This project explores a possible genetic cause for the ...
    • Active and Reflective Instruction In Zoom Where It Happens 

      Johnson, Stacy; Kim, Dianna; Strickland, Susan (2021)
      "Presenters from an R-3 university will explore adapting in-person active and reflective group learning to remote delivery in 2020-2021. Through a game-based session, attendees will learn about using shared drive documents ...
    • Active Learning Classroom Design to Support Innovative Information Literacy Instruction 

      Burns, David; Filgo, Ellen; James, Amy; Towers, Sha (2019)
      The Baylor Libraries have converted underutilized office/ storage space into much needed library instructional space. In light of the growing body of evidence that indicates active learning techniques have a positive ...
    • Active Learning Prioritization Exercise for Junior Nursing Students 

      Meddaugh, Natalie (2020)
      In response to the need to promote higher-level critical thinking and evidence-based practice education, a prioritization exercise was created for a class of Junior-level nursing students. The exercise will reinforce ...
    • Adapting an Active Learning Library Research Session to Online Zoom Rooms 

      Burns, Erin (2021)
      During the spring of 2021, I was able to adapt an in-class activity to an online format using a flipped classroom technique for an honors course learning about library research. The class was given a slide with database ...
    • Adding Some Bam! Pow! Boom! To Your Outreach with Comics 

      Martin, John Edward; Griffith, Bobby; Condrey, Coby (2019)
      This roundtable discussion will cover aspects of outreach with comics and graphic novels collections in an academic setting. Comics are lurking throughout libraries—in dedicated comic collections but also in government ...
    • Adolescent Expectations Regarding Disclosure: The School Counselor's Perspective 

      Sohne, Kathryn (2021)
      Parental knowledge is a significant protective factor for adolescents associated with less engagement in antisocial and delinquent behavior, and lower levels of internalizing and externalizing issues. Adolescent disclosure ...
    • Adolescent perfection driven distress 

      Peterson, Treisha; Dutton, Catherine L. (2019)
      As rates of loneliness, anxiety, and depression continue to rise, it is imperative that family advocates, educators, and professionals are familiar with the breadth of perfectionism and the impact this has on emotional, ...