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  • Audience Warm-Up: Engage Your Audience Before You Present 

    Dominguez Baeza, Victor (2020)
    Whether a public, private, or academic librarian, some form of presenting has increasingly become part of the job. Your presentations are often around an hour long, and when planning it seems like an hour is just not ...
  • Explore Census Data – An Introduction and Demonstration 

    Morland, Marna; Shank, Paige (2020)
    American FactFinder went offline on March 31, 2020, so librarians will be turning to the new Explore Census Data platform at to help patrons find the census data they need. Marna Morland and Paige Shank ...
  • Scavenger Hunts, Zoom & Trolls: Lessons Learned from Virtual Outreach 

    Brents, Madison (2020)
    The Research and Engagement team of Willis Library aims to connect with students through fun and educational outreach events. The sudden closure of the library due to Coronavirus complicated this mission. To overcome ...
  • Launching a Chat Reference Service Amid a Global Pandemic 

    Diaz, Sarah (2020)
    The University of North Texas Libraries’ live chat service launched March 18, 2020 –ahead of schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic The service was developed and implemented by a team made up of six graduate students (GSAs) ...
  • Disaster Relief in an Academic Library Archives 

    Barera, Michael; Livingston, Preston (2020)
  • Five Years of First-Year Composition: A Librarian Reflects 

    Whitmer, Susan (2020)
    Five Years of First-Year Composition: A Librarian Reflects, is an academic librarian’s review of teaching information literacy to English composition classes. The reflections are based on classroom instruction, worksheet ...
  • Best Practices for Engaging Student Learning 

    Koberna, Leslie (August 17)
    Participants will learn best practice techniques to strengthen courses and active learning techniques for online and F2F courses. Participants will take away ideas for strengthening discussion board activities, using peer ...
  • Incorporating Photo-Book of Concepts in Classes 

    Kohan, Nasrin (August 17)
    The photo-book concept was designed to allow students to relate the subject matter to the real world with the purpose of enriching students’ understanding and reinforcing their appreciation of the subject. In this presentation, ...
  • Using a Customized Home Page for a Canvas Course Shell 

    Souris, Stephen (August 17)
    Students should be able to navigate easily around any particular instructor’s way of setting up a Canvas course shell. This presentation will demonstrate how a customized Home Page that functions as a site index can be ...
  • Writing on the Move: How Walking, Running, or Other Forms of Forward Movement Support the Writing Process 

    Hoermann-Elliott, Jacquelyn (August 17)
    A growing number of writers have been able to articulate how regular walking and running practices improve their writing practices. In this short presentation, Dr. Jackie Hoermann-Elliott introduces relevant theory on ...
  • Access vs. Accommodation 

    Levandowski, Shannon; Lohmann, Alicia; Wainscott, Sarah (August 18)
    Learn the difference between access and accommodations and then discover just how easy it can be to design courses with access in mind.
  • Connecting Classroom Skills to Everyday Life: The “Three-Column Approach” 

    Kohan, Nasrin (August 18)
    This presentation will discuss “Three-Column Approach”, which is designed to demonstrate why it is important to practice problem solving and analytical thinking skills inside and outside of the classroom. Students’ responses ...
  • Immersive Technologies for Teaching Biology 

    Kottegoda, Samanthi; Figueroa, Jorge (August 18)
    As technology continues to become more integrated with our day-to-day lives, high-tech classrooms are fast becoming the norm. Using technology for education provokes student’s curiosity, boosts their engagement, and leads ...
  • Access in Word & PDFs 

    Hammett, Amy Jo; Lackey, Dundee (August 19)
    Learn how to use Word and PDFs to implement Universal Design best practices in a syllabus, assignments, and other course documents.
  • Accessibility in Canvas 

    Keely, Randa; Boonme, Ken (August 19)
    These quick tips will help you make course materials usable and accessible to every student.
  • Assistive Technologies 

    Cross, Nadaya; Reeves, Jo Ann; Hill, Crystal (August 19)
    Come explore some of the tools and devices that students with disabilities use to access instructional materials.
  • Learning Preferences 

    Asbury, Titus; Bones, Paul; Fogg, Niki (August 19)
    There is variability in the way students learn and understanding learning preferences can help instructors design course materials that encourages student access, engagement and interaction.
  • Creating and Anti-Racist Classroom 

    Stabb, Sally (August 20)
    An introduction to the essential mindset and preparation needed for creating an anti-racist classroom will be discussed. Attention will be given to critical activities such as decolonizing one’s syllabus, incorporating ...
  • Using a Flipped Classroom Approach: A Conduit for Effective Online Teaching 

    Hurlbut, Amanda (August 20)
    This presentation focuses on using a flipped classroom approach in blended classes or as a way to transition online mid-semester. This approach includes: creating engaging teaching content; assigning low-stakes, incentive ...
  • Zoom into Canvas 

    Brown, Laura; Collins, Heidi (August 20)
    Zoom is a widely used web conferencing and recording solution that offers full Canvas integration. You can use Zoom from inside your Canvas course to schedule a meeting, review recordings of meetings, add links to Zoom ...

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