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    • Getting Down to Earth with Free Government Resources: Geology 

      Morland, Marna (2019)
      Marna Morland, member of the Government Information Affinity Group, returns with an explosion of free government electronic resources on the topic of Earth Sciences. This presentation covers topics such as astrogeology, ...
    • Creating & Executing a Website Re-Design Simultaneously: A Hyper Rational Approach 

      Scott, Jane (2019)
      Can a web redesign project be executed and created simultaneously? Inspired by the architect of the Seattle Public Library’s innovative hyper-rational process, the UT Southwestern Library embarked on a similar approach ...
    • Bring the Internet Home: Wi-Fi Hotspots at Fort Worth Public Library 

      Combs, Katie; Duke, Deborah (2019)
      This is the age where the internet is a necessity and libraries can meet that need by helping communities to bring the internet home. In January of 2018, the Fort Worth Public Library began the process of providing Wi-Fi ...
    • Using Whiteboards to Build User Engagement 

      Morris, Abby (2019)
      The Blagg-Huey-Huey Library has used their whiteboards to interact with students and facilitate engagement activities. Find out how you can use this low-cost strategy to reach out to library users and build a library community.
    • Inter-library Communication with Google 

      Bartush, Ginger (2019)
      Presentation on how the TWU Libraries' Interlibrary Loan department has used Google Apps to improve communication within the library.
    • Developing Edge Librarianship: Digital Services Graduate Research Assistants at TWU 

      Headrick, Elizabeth (2019)
      Elizabeth Headrick served as a Graduate Research Assistant for the Digital Services unit of the TWU Libraries during her time as a SLIS student. This presentation focuses on how her work as a GRA in Digital Services allowed ...
    • Five Minutes of Five Years of First Year Composition 

      Whitmer, Susan (2019)
      Susan Whitmer, Instruction Librarian at Texas Woman’s University, discusses her evolving approach to teaching information literacy to First-Year Composition classes. The past five years have been a dynamic time for teaching ...
    • Vendor Relations: Evolving ethos and etiquette 

      Sammonds Crawford, Laurel (2018-08-10)
      As vendors consolidate and the electronic resources market matures, products are increasing in complexity and vendors are marketing ev¬er-changing acquisition models. To safeguard the financial health of our institutions ...
    • Becoming a One Service Desk 

      Ravenell, Alma (2018-08-10)
      Muntz Library had endeavored to become a one service station for a number of years. This is an idea that the Executive Director had desired for some time. When the opportunity arose, the idea began to take shape. The ...
    • The OA2020 Expression of Interest 

      Hawkins, Kevin (2018-08-10)
      The OA2020 Expression of Interest OA2020 is an international initiative that supports institutions committed to the large-scale shift toward open access to the scholarly journal literature. Institutions that sign the ...
    • Reference is Dead: A Peer Research Assistant Program 

      Smith, Andrew (2018-08-10)
      The classic reference interaction with patrons is all but a thing of the past. At our institution, the reference desk itself disappeared altogether five years ago, with reference shifting to an on-call model. This ghosting ...
    • Preparing for the Main Event: Creating a culture of customer service 

      Pittman, Shedrick (2018-08-10)
      Customer Service is more than just being nice. It is a teachable skill as important, if not more, than technical skills in our service-oriented industry. In 2017, NCTC Libraries--Gainesville Campus participated in a ...
    • Benefits of weeding your collection 

      Livingston, Preston (2018-08-10)
    • What’s Up, Doc? Free U.S. Government Health and Medical Resources 

      Shank, Paige; Morland, Marna (2018-08-10)
      Paige Shank and Marna Morland, members of the Cross Timbers Government Information Affinity Group, demonstrate free U.S. Government databases and websites on the topics of health and medicine. From statistics to images, ...
    • Batteries not included? Enhancing customer service 

      Christenson, Troy (2018-08-10)
      Every person is special but many times we simply answer the question or take action to solve the problem. Frequently there is more we can do with the people we touch that makes them want to come back to you or your ...
    • Making HerStory OurStory-Building a Wikipedia program from the ground up 

      Dodd, Samantha (2018-08-10)
      In an effort to provide increased access to Special Collections and open access library materials, staff at UT Arlington libraries designed a program to utilize Wikipedia’s reach and resources. The program began with ...
    • I “art” libraries: Exhibiting 101 

      Ross, Bethany; O'Pella, Sarah (2018-08-10)
      Art is essential for expressing a community’s cultural identity and promoting the growth of ideas. Libraries can leverage local resources to provide patrons with access to quality art experiences and services. Embrace your ...
    • Organizing Campus-Wide Graduate Student Workshops Using Digital Badges 

      Baeza, Victor (2018-08-10)
      Academic libraries exist in large part to support users and their learning experience at the university. The spectrum of how to do this has widened to include new types of services and resources. The challenge then is to ...
    • Making a Case for Makerspaces 

      Edge, Nancy (2018-08-10)
      Libraries strive to create and foster a collaborative learning environment for various types of learners. To fulfill this mission, libraries need to include a space that engages users and gives them opportunities to use ...
    • Pronunciator: A powerful tool for language learning 

      Katzenstein, Lisa (2018-08-10)
      Pronunciator is a phenomenal tool for learning any language. I will be focusing in on how a foreign language student can learn Spanish, one of 87 languages taught on Pronunciator. For this pre¬sentation English will be the ...