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    • Batteries not included? Enhancing customer service 

      Christenson, Troy (2018-08-10)
      Every person is special but many times we simply answer the question or take action to solve the problem. Frequently there is more we can do with the people we touch that makes them want to come back to you or your ...
    • Becoming a One Service Desk 

      Ravenell, Alma (2018-08-10)
      Muntz Library had endeavored to become a one service station for a number of years. This is an idea that the Executive Director had desired for some time. When the opportunity arose, the idea began to take shape. The ...
    • Benefits of weeding your collection 

      Livingston, Preston (2018-08-10)
    • Bring the Internet Home: Wi-Fi Hotspots at Fort Worth Public Library 

      Combs, Katie; Duke, Deborah (2019)
      This is the age where the internet is a necessity and libraries can meet that need by helping communities to bring the internet home. In January of 2018, the Fort Worth Public Library began the process of providing Wi-Fi ...
    • Building a Coalition for Statewide OER Initiatives in Texas 

      DeForest, Lea; Anaya, Phillip (2019)
      The Statewide OER Coordinating Committee is comprised of staff members from a variety of academic libraries in the state including community colleges, ARLs, and the Texas Digital Library consortium. The committee is ...
    • Building an Invested Student Staff 

      Rinehart, Tracy (2019)
      How does a manager find, hire, train, supervise, and retain the best student workers? What makes it all work well? What are the ideas for keeping great students productive, happy and a part of the library team? This session ...
    • But I'm Boooooorrrrrred!: Decoding the Tween brain at your Library 

      Mai, Resa (2018-08-10)
      Remember being a tween? That curiosity, excitement, and often fearful awkwardness, about growing up? In this session we'll explore the middle school years with a look at tween brain development, and hear from some tweens ...
    • Changing Models of Library Practice to Benefit Rural Communities 

      Perryman, Carol L.; Jeng, Ling Hwey (2019)
      School of Library and Information Studies - Rural libraries whose librarians have expertise in digital literacy and a deep understanding of unique communities can be an important part of efforts to improve the quality ...
    • Creating & Executing a Website Re-Design Simultaneously: A Hyper Rational Approach 

      Scott, Jane (2019)
      Can a web redesign project be executed and created simultaneously? Inspired by the architect of the Seattle Public Library’s innovative hyper-rational process, the UT Southwestern Library embarked on a similar approach ...
    • Creating Creators 

      Stayton, Jenn (2019)
      This presentation will discuss strategies for working with students to impart project management and content creation skills. Student work drives many library projects, but too often students are not allowed to drive ...
    • DARTing Across North Texas 

      San Antonio, Amy (2019)
      Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and the University of North Texas (UNT) Special Collections have teamed up to create the DART Historical Archive, which documents its history from August 1983 to the most recent technological ...
    • Developing Edge Librarianship: Digital Services Graduate Research Assistants at TWU 

      Headrick, Elizabeth (2019)
      Elizabeth Headrick served as a Graduate Research Assistant for the Digital Services unit of the TWU Libraries during her time as a SLIS student. This presentation focuses on how her work as a GRA in Digital Services allowed ...
    • Five Minutes of Five Years of First Year Composition 

      Whitmer, Susan (2019)
      Susan Whitmer, Instruction Librarian at Texas Woman’s University, discusses her evolving approach to teaching information literacy to First-Year Composition classes. The past five years have been a dynamic time for teaching ...
    • Getting Down to Earth with Free Government Resources: Geology 

      Morland, Marna (2019)
      Marna Morland, member of the Government Information Affinity Group, returns with an explosion of free government electronic resources on the topic of Earth Sciences. This presentation covers topics such as astrogeology, ...
    • I “art” libraries: Exhibiting 101 

      Ross, Bethany; O'Pella, Sarah (2018-08-10)
      Art is essential for expressing a community’s cultural identity and promoting the growth of ideas. Libraries can leverage local resources to provide patrons with access to quality art experiences and services. Embrace your ...
    • The Impact of Library Instruction on Undergraduate Success: A four-year study 

      Hargis, Carol; Rowe, Jennifer; Leuzinger, Julie (2018-08-10)
      This presentation tracks library instruction impact on undergraduate English students by using anonymized student information, including grades and semester GPAs, to find a correlation between library instruction classes ...
    • Implement and Maintain Your DDA Plan in 500 Easy Steps 

      Siu, Natasha; Sanabria, Sarah; Barrett, Heather (2019)
      Was setting up Demand Driven Acquisition at your library a memorable experience? After six years under a DDA ebook plan, the SMU Libraries began to fully reevaluate what had been turned on. With attractive new purchasing ...
    • Inter-library Communication with Google 

      Bartush, Ginger (2019)
      Presentation on how the TWU Libraries' Interlibrary Loan department has used Google Apps to improve communication within the library.
    • John Rogers and Georgette de Bruchard: A Photographic History of Development and Life in Dallas, 1950-1990 

      Ivie, Sam; Dodson, Margaret (2019)
      This archives collection contains the photography of John Rogers and Georgette de Bruchard. The materials focus primarily on the Dallas and Fort Worth region, particularly on Dallas development during the 1950s-1980s and ...
    • The Kempner Empire: Establishing Digitization Processes and Workflows for a Large-scale Collection 

      Kellum, Christina (2019)
      With support from the Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund and the Rosenberg Library, the University of North Texas Digital Projects Unit has taken on the job of digitizing the Kempner family’s business papers, which span ...