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    • Review of On Trans-humanism 

      Evans, Woody (Science Open, 2022)
      A review of Sorgner's "On Trans-humanism." What to do with transhumanism? And – before we figure out how to categorize it, think about it and make actionable policy decisions with it – how should we define transhumanism? ...
    • Singularity terrorism: Military meta-strategy in response to terror and technology 

      Evans, Woody (2013-08)
      This paper examines the responses to advanced and transformative technologies in military literature, attenuates the conclusions of earlier work suggesting that there is an “ignorance of transhumanism” in the military, ...
    • Swarms are hell: Warfare as an anti-transhuman choice 

      Evans, Woody (Journal of Evolution & Technology, 2013-12)
      The use of advanced technologies, even of so-called transhuman technology, does not make militaries transhuman. Transhumanism includes dimensions of ethics that are themselves in direct conflict with many transhuman ...