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    • Kickstarting the Repository@TWU: Three initiatives to showcase research at Texas Woman’s University 

      Zerangue, Amanda; Sullivan, Julie; Spear, Sean; Shapiro, Adrian (2019)
      What can you do when no one on campus knows about your new repository? Change tactics and remove the barriers to archiving content. In an effort to showcase the research and scholarly accomplishments of the Texas Woman’s ...
    • Librarians need global credentials 

      Evans, Woody (Library Journal, 2016-04)
      Until there is a body to take responsibility for reviewing LIS programs globally and granting the strong ones accreditation, a large number of librarians will be banned de facto from participating in our increasingly ...
    • Open educational resources in Texas academic libraries 

      Zerangue, Amanda; Santiago, Ariana; Thomas, Camille (2019)
      With the average cost of an undergraduate education reaching an all-time high, academic institutions are increasingly instituting open educational resources (OER) initiatives, which are often led by the library. Many ...
    • The path to government funding 

      Evans, Woody (Information Today, 2015-07)
      The U.S. Department of Education and IES (Institute of Education Sciences) awarded their 2015 Small Business Innovation Research grants to 21 educational startups this spring ( sbir/2015awards.asp). ...
    • POAR presentation for TXLA Poster Session 

      Schuster, David (2014-03-25)
      This poster was presented at the poster session of the Texas Library Association Conference in 2014 of the Texas Woman's University's Institutional Repository. Since November 2013 this has been the process used to select ...
    • Project INDEX: Increase Discoverability of Expertise 

      Unknown author (2018-11)
      Presentation to the School of Occupational Therapy faculty explaining the Project INDEX pilot and the faculty assisted submission process.
    • Review of On Trans-humanism 

      Evans, Woody (Science Open, 2022)
      A review of Sorgner's "On Trans-humanism." What to do with transhumanism? And – before we figure out how to categorize it, think about it and make actionable policy decisions with it – how should we define transhumanism? ...
    • Serials Spoken Here: Reports of Conferences, Institutes, and Seminars 

      Blythe, Kurt; Martin, Susan J.; McCormick, Elizabeth; Rumler, LeAnne (Taylor and Francis, 2016-02-09)
      This quarter’s column offers coverage of several sessions fromthe 35th Annual Charleston Conference, held November 4–7, 2015, in Charleston, South Carolina. The sessions detailed herein largely concern the optimal management ...
    • Singularity terrorism: Military meta-strategy in response to terror and technology 

      Evans, Woody (2013-08)
      This paper examines the responses to advanced and transformative technologies in military literature, attenuates the conclusions of earlier work suggesting that there is an “ignorance of transhumanism” in the military, ...
    • Storytelling with Data: A Hands-on Workshop for Beginners 

      Mirza, Rafia (2022-04-12)
      Your research data tells a story! Interactive data visualization is about communicating your insights and research effectively, giving your data a voice. Please join the TWU Libraries and Rafia Mirza, MSI (Southern Methodist ...
    • The Struggle for Open Mathematics Software 

      Evans, Woody (Information Today, Inc., 2015-03)
      Google announced in September 2014 that it would be working with SageMath to power the new SageMathCloud. The collaboration throws down a gauntlet against claims of ownership of mathematical truths. Wolfram Research is ...
    • Swarms are hell: Warfare as an anti-transhuman choice 

      Evans, Woody (Journal of Evolution & Technology, 2013-12)
      The use of advanced technologies, even of so-called transhuman technology, does not make militaries transhuman. Transhumanism includes dimensions of ethics that are themselves in direct conflict with many transhuman ...
    • Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) Open Education Resource (OER) Development and Implementation Grants 

      TWU Office of Research & Sponsored Programs; TWU Teaching & Learning with Technology; TWU Center for Faculty Excellence; TWU Libraries (2020)
      Interested in applying for a grant to offer no-cost textbook options in your classroom or department but not sure where to begin?
    • Transhumanism (dot) mil: A bibliometric analysis of technoprogressive terms in military publications 

      Evans, Woody (University Libraries of the University of Nebraska--Lincoln, 2019-09)
      Has transhumanism influenced military thinking? Previous work found that transhumanist terms did not appear widely in military publications. The present work analyzes and improves on previous content analysis of transhumanist ...
    • Visualizing Library Data 

      Schuster, David (Texas Woman's University, 2015-08-07)
      Presentation done at the Cross Timbers Library Consortium. This is a review of Dashboards and how Texas Woman's University Libraries has started to visualize and prepare data for future use. Getting the data organized ...
    • Why they won't save us: Political dispositions in the conflicts of superheroes 

      Evans, Woody (Organization for Transformative Works, 2014)
      Comic book superheroes tend to be conservative and their opponents progressive. Here I explore the reasons for heroic conservatism, review recent disruptions to the trend, and consider what superhuman politics can tell us ...
    • Workaday democracy 

      Evans, Woody (Information Today, 2018-06)
      Do you live in a democracy? Do you work in a democracy? These are not rhetorical questions, but serious ones that we should all take some time to think through. As information professionals, our commitment to the free ...
    • Your library : There's an app for that 

      Wilson, Johnathan; Jones, Leigh Ann, Dr. (Texas Woman's University, 2014-05-22)
      Presentation by Johnathan Wilson and Dr. Leigh Ann Jones about using Mobile website apps in libraries.