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    A manual of instruction in vegetal dye
    (1988-05) Hull, Patricia Braught; Stuckenbruck, Linda; Calabrese, John A.; Grant, Susan Kae
    This is an investigation of the colorfastness of dye techniques used in producing hues from vegetal material. The importance and desire for a wide range of color in artistic fiber art is emphasized. Artistic creations are of enduring value only if the colors survive over a period of time, thus the extreme importance of colorfast qualities. In this study the yarns were mordanted, aged, and dyed. The samples were then mounted and tested. Results were evaluated and recorded.
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    Foreign visionaries in the Texas Hill Country: Early German settlers in the Kendall County area, 1847-1900
    (1979-05) Adam, Kathryn; Landry, Harral; Yarborough, Kemp; Belfiglio, Valentine
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    A survey of contemporary sound sculpture
    (1987-05) Estes, James A.; Green, A.E.; Grant, Susan
    Sound sculpture and other closely related artforms have become increasingly prevalent within the last few decades. By means of a questionnaire, this study surveyed artists who use sound as an essential aspect of their work. The questionnaire was designed to establish some of the basic parameters and attributes of the current activity in the field, including type of work, artist and exhibition histories, economic support and audience profiles. In this way, the findings address the fundamental questions of who, what, when, where and how, both for individual artists and the group as a whole. The results of the study suggest the need of continued research founded on an interdisciplinary perspective in order to fully address the broader topics and scope of this genre. Such research studies would be composed of three principal and interrelated forms: detailed documentation, organized exhibitions and historical and critical reviews.
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    The use of music therapy assessments with hearing-impaired children
    (1988-12) Lawyer, Peggy; Michel, Donald; Hadsell, Nancy; Grant, Dorothy
    The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of the Auditory Perceptual Tool-Assessment in Music (APT-AIM) and the Musical-Perception Assessment of Cognitive ·Devel opment (M-PACD) in assessing developmental skills of the hea ring impaired and, further, to determine if adaptive proce dur e s are necessary in order to use these assessments with the hearing impaired. The APT-AIM and the M-PACD were administered individually to twelve hearing children and to twelve severely hearing impaired children from one public school . The t- test revealed a significant difference between the scores of the hearing and the scores of the hearing impaired subjects on the APT-AIM and the M-PACD assessments . The scores of the hearing impaired subjects were consistently lower than those of the hearing subjects on both the APT-AIM and the M-PACD.
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    The effect of song writing on chronically ill asthmatic children and their main caregivers
    (1987-12-30) Greer, Anita Marie; Hadsell, Nancy; Barr, Jennie; Rodean, Richard
    The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of song writing versus no song writing on three family interaction variables (i.e., cohesion, expressiveness, independence). Nineteen chronically ill asthmatic children between five and twelve years of age and their mothers were randomly divided into the control (N=10), no song writing, and experimental (N=9), song writing, groups. Both groups received pre and post testing over a 30-day period. Experimental subjects received six intervening therapeutic song writing sessions. The dependent variables were the Family Environment Scale and the Children's Version of the Family Environment Scale. Six separate one-way analyses of covariance were performed. Significant differences between the control and experimental group mothers' perceptions of family cohesion and expressiveness were found. The experimental group mothers' scores were lower on these two variables. Therapeutically, the song writing treatment produced an instability within the family. No significant differences were found with the remaining variables.
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    Unraveling the fact and fantasy of Vita Sackville-West in Virginia Woolf's "Orlando"
    (1983-08-30) Draughn, Sylvia; Bishop, J. Dean; Winston, Florence; Kobler, Turner; Thompson, Joyce
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    An historic and aesthetic investigative study of lace designs
    (1981-08-31) Elfstrand, Heidi Elizabeth; Stuckenbruck, Linda; Rios, John F.
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    The rhetoric of criminal defense: Ethos, logos, and pathos in selected American works
    (1982-05) Reagan, Bette Ann Adams; Thompson, Joyce; Bruce, Charles T.; Fulwiler, Levon B.; Bishop, Dean; Kobler, Turner
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    Progressive abstraction in landscape painting
    (1982-07) Lupplace, Larry Warren; Rios, John; Stuckenbruck, Linda
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    The Persian rug and its artistic value
    (1982-05) Oliaie, Mahin; Davis, Nancy K.; Stuckenbruck, Linda; Rios, John F.